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Gerstein Science Information Centre

CSB201: Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and You

To help CSB201 students find resources for the poster project.

Generative AI

In this course, if you wish, you may use generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including ChatGPT and similar, as learning aids, grammar aids, or for exploratory work on your Poster Project subject area. You will not be permitted to use generative AI during the in-person written final exam and you should not use these types of tools to submit answers for Team Up! or individual written problem sets. Team Up! and written problem set questions are similar to what you can expect for large portions of the final exam.

Since generative AI is not required to complete any aspect of this course and certainly not required for an excellent grade, we strongly caution you to not rely on these tools to complete any of your coursework. Instead, if you wish, we recommend treating generative AI as a supplementary tool only for tutoring, grammar/usage improvements, or subject exploration for your Poster Project. Ultimately, you (and not any AI tool) are responsible for your own learning in this course, and for all the work you submit for credit. It is your responsibility to critically evaluate the content generated, and to regularly assess your own learning independent of generative AI tools. Overreliance on generative AI may give you a false sense of how much you’ve actually learned, which can lead to poor performance on the final exam, in later courses, or in future work or studies after graduation.

Generative AI may produce content which is incorrect or misleading, or inconsistent with the expectations of this course—this may be especially true for your Poster Project. These tools may even provide citations to sources that don’t exist—and submitting work with false citations is an academic offense. Again, please remember that you (not the generative AI) are responsible for the work that you submit in this course.
While some generative AI tools are currently available for free in Canada, please be warned that these tools have not been vetted by the University of Toronto and might not meet University guidelines or requirements for privacy, intellectual property, security, accessibility, and records retention. These tools may be subject to service interruptions, software modifications, and pricing changes during the semester.