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PSYD18: Psychology of Gender

Prof. Karen Dion

Evaluating Sources

When critically evaluating journal articles, keep the following criteria in mind:


  • What is the purpose of the resource and what does it contain?
  • Is the subject explored in depth?
  • What does it exclude?
  • Is it comprehensive?


  • Is the author an expert in this field?
  • What is their relationship to the information contained in the source?
  • Has this author been cited by others?


  • Does the information provided inform, explain, persuade?
  • Is the author's point of view impartial and objective?
  • Are counter-arguments acknowledged?
  • Does it contain facts, opinions, or biases?


  • Are the results accurate and are they supported by the data and methodology presented?
  • Does this support or contradict other articles?
  • Are references to other works given?


  • Is the content of the work up-to-date?
  • Is timeliness important?

Adapted from Hanover College Library