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Research Guides

HPS318 History of Medicine I: Antiquity to the Renaissance (Winter 2020)

This guide is intended to assist students in the course as it is taught by Professor Lucia Dacome with TA Andrew Jones.

Looking for Ancient Primary Sources?

Explore the resources on this page to scratch the surface of ancient primary sources significant to the history of medicine. 

Digital Collections/Exhibitions

These resources provide images of primary sources along with short descriptions and analysis. They can be a wonderful place to find ancient primary sources for the history of medicine, as well as provide a good jumping off point for researching the significance of these sources. 

Primary Source Databases

These are the major databases of ancient greek and latin texts. Note that most are not translated into modern-day English. 

Greek & Roman Primary Source Collections @ UTL

Selected Hippocrates & Galen Translated Works

Did you know that you can find many translated works of ancient Greek and Roman thinkers at Gerstein? Some are even available as e-books. It's as easy as searching the author field and limiting to English language.