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BIO326H5: Ornithology

Grey Literature

What is Grey Literature?

Grey Literature is any literature that has not been published through traditional means. It is often excluded from large databases and other mainstream sources.
Search grey literature to:
•avoid bias
•ensure that the review is as thorough as possible
•find sources for negative results or brand new evidence
•discover more references to published literature that your database search might have missed

Finding Grey Lit...

Where can I find Grey Literature?
•Work done at the PhD-level requires exhaustive searching for hard-to-find materials
•Systematic reviews, clinical trials and in-house research that cover health and wellness issues
•Most advanced research done at universities, medical schools and health organizations
•Environmental organizations, engineering publications and newsletters, conservation resources
•Geological and geophysical surveys, maps, fossil records, locations of minerals and ores
•Grey literature in technical fields, aeronautics and engineering may include contractor and technical reports, product codes and standards, special publications, handbooks and patents
•Search engines such as DuckDuckGo!

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are:  an institute, corporation, or group organized to study a particular subject (such as a policy issue or a scientific problem) and provide information, ideas, and advice


Additional Grey Literature Resources:

OAIster - a union catalogue of millions of records that represent open access resources
MetaLib - Searches multiple U.S. federal government databases. Includes health, environment, agriculture, business, education, history, and more.