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PSYD31: Cultural-Clinical Psychology

Instructor: Jessica Dere

Why APA PsycInfo?

APA PsycInfo is the premiere database for finding scholarly psychological information. By using this specialized database rather than a more general database you are saving yourself from having to manually sort through irrelevant results. In addition, PsycInfo includes many tools and features that will allow you to refine your search to just the type of content that you need.

Different ways to search APA PsycInfo

There are two different interfaces that you can use to access PsycInfo content. The search results will be exactly the same but the features and ways of searching vary. You may use whichever works best for your purpose. Instructions for each are found below.

What are Scholarly Articles?

You will often be required to use scholarly articles as references to support your work. Scholarly articles are published papers created by subject experts and are used to develop conversations among scholars.

Use the following chart to help determine which information sources to use for your research and where to find them: