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PSYD31: Cultural-Clinical Psychology

Instructor: Jessica Dere

Assignment Overview

1/2 page proposal

  • 3-5 recent empirical (primary), peer-reviewed research articles

Annotated bibliography

  •  8-10 scholarly sources
    • Empirical/Primary or Review/Secondary articles
    • Scholarly book chapters if the content of the chapter is directly relevant to your topic of interest, and/or to the methodology of the research proposal

Structured 1-page outline

  • Include a properly formatted (APA) bibliography and use in-text citations where appropriate


  • Present 1 recent, empirical (primary) research article
  • The article must integrate cultural and clinical issues, and fall within the general theme for your assigned week

Final paper

  • Includes a proposed research study based on a critical review of current literature on a topic within cultural-clinical psychology