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HPS 319 Research: History of Medicine II: 17th–20th Century

This guide is intended to assist students in Prof. Lucia Dacome's HPS 319 course.

Proquest - another example

Search Proquest

  • search: cholera and toronto and geography

Result: Jackson, P. S. B. (2013). Fearing future epidemics: The cholera crisis of 1892. Cultural Geographies20 (1), 43-65. 

Look at Subjects:

  • Epidemics
  • Cholera
  • Ideology
  • Disease transmission
  • History of medicine
  • Management of crises

Historical Abstracts - example

Search Historical Abstracts

Sample Broad Topic: 19th century hospitals in England

       -poverty or poor relief
       -almshouse or hospital or infirmiry
       -england or great britain
       -history, historical, historiography
  • use TRUNCATION or WILDCARD symbols
       -Charities - Great Britain - History
       -Poverty - Great Britain

America : History and Life - example

Search America: History and Life

  • search: Cholera and Canada
  • Limit by Subject:
    • medicine -- practice