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HPS 319 Research: History of Medicine II: 17th–20th Century

This guide is intended to assist students in Prof. Lucia Dacome's HPS 319 course.


HPS 319 - History of Medicine II: 17th - 20th Century

Professor: Dr. Lucia Dacome

Library Research Instruction provided on October 3, 2023
Provided by Roma Kail, E.J. Pratt Library, Victoria College (

Thank you to Dani Wong, Graduate Reference Assistant at E.J. Pratt Library 2023, for updating this guide.

Untitled. Thomas Smillie Collection.Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Scholarly Resources at UTL

U of T Libraries (UTL) provides access to many scholarly resources

  • REFERENCE SOURCES  Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Guides
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Scholarly resources need to be evaluated too!