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HPS 319 Research: History of Medicine II: 17th–20th Century

This guide is intended to assist students in Prof. Lucia Dacome's HPS 319 course.

Subject & Research Guides

UTL SUBJECT & RESEARCH GUIDES can provide subject-specific library resources to help you get started.

They include lists of REFERNCE SOURCES, ARTICLE DATABASES, and ways to search for BOOKS. For example:

Interdisciplinary Subject Guide

  • search: cholera and toronto
  • retrieve: entry by Heather MacDougal: "Public Health" in Oxford Companion to Canadian History
  • retrieve: entry by Jacalyn Duffin: "Cholera" in Oxford Companion to Canadian History

History Subject Guide - Robarts Library

HPS 319 Research Guide -  History of Medicine II: 17th - 20th Century Resources

History Research Guide - Robarts Library

HIS 109 Research Guide - The Development of European Civilization from 1350-1945