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MGIB02: International Organizational Behaviour

Winter 2021

Academic & Scholarly Research

Search these databases to find up-to-date research from experts & scholars.

How to search PsycInfo


Business Culture in China (general topic)

Key aspects of this topic

  • business culture AND China 

Alternate keywords for each aspect

Culture can be expressed in several ways such as:

  • norms
  • values
  • behaviours

Use your course readings and lecture notes to brainstorm keywords. If you are unsure of other ways to express a concept, look up synonyms in a thesaurus, like, or in the database's built-in thesaurus.

What are alternate keywords for "business" and "China"?

An example with a cultural dimension from Hofstede (1980)

Individualism in South Africa

Key aspects of this topic

  • individualism AND business AND "South Africa"
  • alternate words for individualism:
    • ​individuality
    • nonconformity
    • "low collectivism"
  • ​consider combining and adding keywords to broaden your research or to find information on various topics in relation to each other. For example:
    • (individualism OR individuality OR nonconformity OR "low collectivism") 
    • AND
    • (business OR organizations) AND "South Africa"

Leadership in uncertain times

As before, the search you execute will depend on the topic you are focusing on.

Think about: what are the main concepts or aspects to this topic? Then, come up with related terms to include in your search.


  • (authority OR leadership OR management)
  • AND
  • (pandemic OR coronavirus OR "disease outbreak" OR "remote working")