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MIN250: Surface mining


The Engineering Communication Program has many online resources to help you with writing assignments. 

Some of these resources include:

If you look at the resources provided and find you still need help, please contact the Engineering Communication Program, or book an appointment.

Citation Management Software

Citation management software allows you to easily select, annotate, organize, and output citations in approved-style reference lists.  It also allows you to easily format bibliographies and in-text citations. 

Examples of citation management software (free and fee-based) includes:  

  • RefWorks (licenced by U of T; sign up with your U of T email))

  • Endnote (fee-based; U of T Bookstore gives student discounts)

  • EndNote Web (available through Web of Knowledge - Click "My EndNote Web" to register for a free account)

  • WizFolio (licenced by U of T; sign up with your U of T email)

Accurate Documentation/Avoiding Plagiariam

As part of your assignments and design project, you will have to document the resources you used. 

The Engineering Communication Program has put together a great resource to help you with accurate documentation.  It is available in the online handbook on their web site. 

Please consult these resources, and contact the Engineering Communication Program if you have any questions!


RefWorks is citation management software that allows you to select, annotate, and organize your citations. you can also use it to output approved-style reference lists and format bibliographies and in-text citations in documents.

That means that you can use the library catalogue or databases to find books and articles on your topics, and then add them to your RefWorks account. When you are writing your paper, you can use RefWorks to add the references into your paper, and then when you are done, you can use RefWorks to generate your bibliography in almost any citation style.

To create an RefWorks account and log in, go to the RefWorks login page.

At the login page, you will also find tutorials on how to use RefWorks.

Need more help with RefWorks?  Take a look at this RefWorks LibGuide.

Remember, RefWorks is a tool to help you with your citations and bibliography, but it doesn't always work perfectly. Double check your citations, and consult the style manual of the citation style you are using.