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MIN250: Surface mining

Catalogue Search

Search for Books

Use the Library Catalogue search in the box above to search for books related to surface mining. 

You might want to try keywords, or combinations of keywords, such as:

  • surface mining
  • mineral industries
  • mining law
  • mining machinery
  • strip mining
  • mining engineering
  • mines and mineral resources
  • engineering geology


You might also want to focus on a specific type of mineral, such as:

  • coal mines AND mining
  • gold mines AND mining
  • silver mines AND mining


Or a specific aspect of mining, such as:

  • mining AND environmental aspects
  • mining AND economic aspects


Please note, the library catalogue automatically includes "AND" in the search.You may need to use quotation marks to search for the terms as a phrase - for example, "coal mines" versus coal mines.