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Research Guides

ANT348: Medical Anthropology: Social Cultural Perspectives

Supports the course taught by Prof. Krista Maxwell.

Which databases to use?

Library homepage's 'Articles' tab


  • Gets a lot of results
  • Searches across disciplines and covers most of the library's journal holdings
  • Uses a fulltext search like Google ie. turns up all articles that have a particular word or phrase anywhere in the text


  • Often too many or irrelevant search results
  • Searches across disciplines so you get many articles unrelated to your topic eg. articles about Apple Computers when you are searching for information about the fruit


Subject specific databases e.g.. Anthropology Plus, AnthroSource


  • More focused or relevant search results
  • Can search specifically for literature written within your discipline
  • May be able to identify more important articles by checking how many times each article was cited


  • Fewer results
  • Not every article listed in your search results is available through the library
  • Most use 'controlled vocabularly' so you have to make sure you are searching for the topic with the right words.
    • Note: Some databases have a thesaurus which allows you to see which keywords to use for your search terms



Google Scholar


  • Easy to use & searches across many different academic disciplines
  • Also includes freely available articles outside of the library's collection


  • Many irrelevant search results
  • Some articles that come up in the search results are not available to U of T users

Key Subject Databases

Article Search




Searching Web of Science

Google Scholar Search

Make sure Google Scholar is connected to U of T

Google Scholar Search