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Research Methods in IR/HR, Research Project in IR/HR, and Data Analytics & Metrics (IRE 2002/2003/2004)

This subject guide is meant to assist students, particularly those enrolled in IRE 2002, IRE 2003 & IRE 2004, with research papers and assignments.

Conducting Research

GBA+ Gender-based Analysis Plus


GBA+ is an analytical tool used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and gender-diverse people may experience policies, programs and initiatives. The “plus” in GBA+ acknowledges that GBA goes beyond biological (sex) and socio-cultural (gender) differences.

Apply GBA+ to your work

Take the GBA+ course



Internet (Online) Surveys

Personality Tests

Conducting Interviews

Webometrics (definition)

SAGE Research Methods is a research methods tool created to help researchers, faculty and students with their research projects. SAGE Research Methods links over 100,000 pages of SAGE’s renowned book, journal and reference content with truly advanced search and discovery tools. Researchers can explore methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up their findings.

PsycTESTS -- PsycTESTS is a database that provides information about psychological tests and measures. It includes citations to articles that discuss the test and how it can be used. In many cases, the full test is available to download as well. Click here for a quick guide to using PsycTESTS (8 pages, PDF). A good source for validated scales/survey questions.

Measure Chest (Research Methods Division, Academy of Management) Once you find an article, search for it in the UTLibraries catalogue.

Validated Scales/Questions

Evaluating Research

evaluating research

RAND, July 2013: "Measuring research: A guide to research evaluation frameworks and tools," by Susan Guthrie, Watu Wamae, Stephanie Diepeveen, Steven Wooding and Jonathan Grant (189 pages, PDF)

Sample Research Project Reports

cream of the cropSample research project reports are available in the CIRHR library in the short-term loan collection section.

University of Toronto Map & Data Library

UofT Data & Map Library Research Guides

Browsing the DLI collection you can look at Surveys such as the WES -Workplace and Employee Survey

CHASS Microdata Analysis and Subsetting with SDA

Established in 2007, <odesi> (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure) is a digital repository for social science data, including polling data. It is a web-based data exploration, extraction and analysis tool that uses the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) social science data standard <odesi> provides researchers the ability to search for survey questions (variables) across thousands of datasets. There are both microdata and aggregate data available, in a range of formats.

Other Data Sets:

University of Toronto Map & Data Library

Canadian Institute for Health Information

International Labour Organization (ILO) Statistics Databases (includes Laborsta (ILO)

Statistics Canada Data Centre (Toronto Region)

U.K. National Economic and Social Data Service (maintained by Universities of Essex and Manchester )

U.S. National Opinion Research Centre General Social Survey

U.S. Union Membership & Coverage Database

W.E. Upjohn Institute Employment Research Data Centre

Worker Representation and Participation Survey (Data for Freeman, Richard B. and Joel Rogers, What Workers Want, Cornell ILR Press, 1999)

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