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Research Posters

Characteristics of a Great Poster

  • Title length is concise, and uses language that your target audience can understand.
  • Text is 'to the point'
  • Word count of between 500 to 800 words (or less)
  • Width of text boxes should be about 40 characters (11 words per line)
  • Use of bullets and numbering lists makes the content easier to read
  • Effective use of graphics, color and fonts
  • Consistent and clean layout
  • List of references
  • Include any acknowledgments, plus your name and institutional affiliation

General Tips for Designing Posters

Accessibility Considerations for Designing Posters

Clear Print Guide (Canadian National Institute for the Blind): 


Guidelines for Creating Accessible Printed Posters (PDF, Association of University Centres on Disabilities) 

Designing Posters for the Sciences

The Best Practices in Scientifc Poster Presentation (from eHow)

Scientific Poster Design (download Powerpoint presentation from Cornell University)

Preparing a Poster for Presenting a Chemistry Topic (Dublin Institute of Technology)