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SII199H1S: The Process of Archaeological Discovery

This guide is intended for students of SSI199: The Process of Archaeological Discovery. Its contents may be helpful to others who are investigating the issue of archaeological discovery and the media's role in disseminating such finds to the public.

E-Resources: Indexes & Abstracts

Anthropology Plus

A subject specific database that contains highly specialized and scholarly articles, conference papers and essays in books, within the fields of Archaeology and Anthropology.


Current issues for 11 of the AAA's peer-reviewed publications including American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, Anthropology and Humanism, Archaeological Publications of the American Anthropological Association, Cultural Anthropology, Ethos, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, NAPA Bulletin and PoLAR: The Political and Legal Anthropology Review

 Art Full Text

A major database for art, Art Abstracts is especially useful because it is selective rather than comprehensive in coverage and because it focuses on major English language journals. It offers broad coverage of fine, decorative and commercial art for students, educators, curators, art historians, and art lovers. A unique feature of the database is the indexing of art reproductions to help researchers focus on a single artist or find individual works.

Historical Abstracts

A major source for European history and culture from prehistoric times to the present. It is an excellent resource for research in the fields of: European, popular culture, American studies, women's studies/gender studies, multicultural studies, and politics among other fields of study.

America: History and Life

A companion to Historical Abstracts, this indexing and abstracting tool is a source for researching North American (Canada and the United States) history from pre-history to the present.

Humanities Abstracts

Similar in subject coverage as Humanities International Index above, but the scope is that of North American humanities journals.

Humanities International Index

Covers literary, scholarly, and humanities journals. Humanities Abstracts indexes articles, essays and reviews.


A multidisciplinary database; coverage will vary according to the sources contained within the database; international in scope; may require limiting by languages;some citations link to full-text articles in e-journals licensed to U of T.






Search for journal articles in JSTOR