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BIO380H5: Human Development

This libguide is designed to help you go beyond the textbook to find innovative research and biotechnology in the field of human development.

Types of Alerts

1. Table of Contents/TOC: Sent when a new issue of a journal is published
2. Search string/Keyword: Sent to your email when hits result from saved search in a database
3. Citing References: Sent when a chosen author or article in a database is cited by a new article 

How to read a feed

Through a feed reader:

 Or an app

How to receive alerts

email or RSS feed


What is RSS?

RSS as a concept first surfaced in the late 1990s. Many different versions have been developed since that time, with different companies defining the acronym differently. RSS has at different times been defined as Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication. 

RSS is an XML-based tool on a website or a blog, which allows information to be passed on to anyone who has subscribed to the feed whenever a change is made.

Where to find alerts

Publisher's Websites are a good starting point but so are: