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BIO380H5: Human Development

This libguide is designed to help you go beyond the textbook to find innovative research and biotechnology in the field of human development.


Use your LIMITS and SORT features to search familiar databases for the most current articles.


Here are some tips for finding current Journal Table of Contents (TOCs) all in one place. These can also be done using alerts.

  1. Set up a free account
  2. Sign into JournalTOCs.
  3. Search for the following 9 recommended journals: 
    • Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology ISSN (Print) 1081-0706
    • BMC Developmental Biology ISSN (Print) 1471-213X
    • Cell ISSN (Print) 0092-8674
    • Development ISSN (Print) 0950-1991
    • Developmental Biology ISSN (Print) 0012-1606
    • Developmental Cell ISSN (Print) 1534-5807
    • Nature ISSN (Print) 0028-0836
    • Reproduction ISSN (Print) 1470-1626
    • Science ISSN (Print) 0036-8075

      4. Click Follow for each of them. You can choose to have TOC alerts emailed to you (or sent to a feed reader).

      5. You can also go to this site and see the current TOCs for each of these journals.