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Major Religious Traditions

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Each tab at the top of this guide highlights some resources for research on a particular religion.

This section will help you to find additional resources for your topic.

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How to use Library of Congress subject headings

What are Library of Congress subject headings?

  • The vocabulary by which librarians describe and organize items in the collection
  • Subject headings may be different from the natural language used to describe topics:
Natural language Library of Congress subject headings
Common customs in Judaism > Judaism Customs and practices
Christian pop culture > Popular culture Christianity
Buddhism in Tibet > Buddhism Tibet Autonomous Region (China)

 **you can also limit your language results on the left side of the screen

To find relevant subject headings to your topic

  • Select subject from the drop-down menu
  • Work your way down the list

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Selected LC-subject headings

Below are some LC-subject headings to get you started in your research.  Note that these lists are not exhaustive.

Transliteration tables

Why transliterate?

  • It'll help you search the catalogue for sources in languages that don't use roman scripts (such as Hebrew, Inuktitut, etc.)

How do I transliterate?

Robarts Library also has a translation computer, located in the Reference Department on the 4th floor.

Image: ThisParticularGreg

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