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Bora Laskin Law Library Guide to Finding Law Journals and Journal Articles

Searching for Articles using Summon

Summon is a mega-database that allows you to search across many of UTL's print and electronic resources, i.e., the library catalogue, journal databases, newspaper indexes, etc., from a single search box. You can search Summon directly from the UTL homepage.

Check out the following tutorials for fast and detailed instruction on searching Summon:

Simple Search

Advanced Search

Acquiring Print-only Journal Articles

Some journal articles are only available in print. To access these articles, you can do the following:

  • Search the title of the journal in which they are published in the UTL catalogue and locate the print journal in UTL if it is available 
  • Search the Bora Laskin Law Library Law Journals Database to locate the journal in print (or in electronic databases not available in the UofT catalogue)

We don't have the article? Request it!

If U of T does not have the article you are looking for in either the print or electronic version:

  • UofT law students should contact the Bora Laskin Law library to request journal articles not held at UTL. 
  • Other UTL members can order articles through RACER.