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Evidence-based dental practice: searching the literature and writing a report

This guide will help you search and assess literature to support dental research questions.

Clinical Decision-Making Tools/Tutorials

From Journal of the Canadian Dental Association

Evidence-Based Dentistry Series by Susan E. Sutherland, 2001

From Journal of the American Dental Association

A practical approach to evidence-based dentistry Series 

Evidence-based dentistry in clinical practice by A. Ismail, J. Bader. 2004,135(1),78-83.

Survey of systematic reviews in dentistry by J. Bader, A. Ismail. 2004, 135(4), 464-473.

Books about Evidence Based Dentistry

There are many books about topics related to Evidence Based Dentistry available online through University of Toronto Libraries or in print at the Dentistry Library.

Books on Medical Writing

Here are some of the general medical writing books in the U of T catalogue.