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Canadian Strikes

This subject guide is meant to assist students with research papers and assignments.


Cross-Canada Survey on the law of strikes and lockouts, February 2018 in MacNeil, M., Lynk, M. & Englemann. P. Trade union law in Canada. Thomson Reuters (in hardcopy in CIRHR Library). On LabourSource (UofT Community only).

Trade Union Law in Canada
By: Michael Mac Neil, B.Sc., LL.B., LL.M, Michael Lynk, LL.M, Peter Engelmann, B.A., LL.B

Canada Labour Code

Alberta Labour Relations Code

British Columbia Labour Relations Code

Manitoba Labour Relations Act

New Brunswick Industrial Relations Act

Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Relations Act
Newfoundland and Labrador Labour legislation

Nova Scotia Trade Union Act

Prince Edward Island Labour Act

Quebec Labour Code

Saskatchewan Trade Union Act
Saskatchewan list of workplace legislation

General Private Sector Collective Bargaining Legislation

Historic Legislation

PC 1003: This granted workers the right to collective bargaining, which included protection from anti-union discrimination by employers as well as a limited right to strike. CP 1003 also required employers a legal duty to bargain with the unions that represent workers.