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Canadian Strikes

This subject guide is meant to assist students with research papers and assignments.

Useful Resources

Major Work Stoppages in Canada (Labour Program Canada)

CANSIM  - Labour (Statistics Canada) - Unionization and Industrial Relations

Perspectives on Labour and Income (Statistics Canada)
(Aug. 2012 last online edition; summer 2012 last print edition; combined with Canadian Social Trends into new publication Insights on Canadian Society)
To search this publication for material on strikes, google "perspectives on labour and income strikes".
Example publications:
Increased Work Stoppages (2006)(pdf)
Time Lost to Industrial Disputes (2001)(pdf)

For customized information on strikes and lockouts contact Workplace Information Division, Labour Program, Employment and Social Development Canada

Historical Strikes and Lockouts Statistics

Statistics Canada Series E175-197

Gunderson, M., & Taras, D. G. (2009). Canadian labour and employment relations. Toronto: Pearson Addison Wesley. Table 12.1 Various Measures of Strike Activity in Canada, 1901-2006, p. 340-231.

Administrative Data: HRSDC Data: Work Stoppages, prepared by Linda Briskin with contributions from Kristine Klement

Briskin, L. (2005) The Work Stoppages Data from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada [HRSDC]. Just Labour 5 Winter.

Kealey, G.S. & Cruikshank, D. (1995). Strikes in Canada, 1891-1950. In G.S. Kealey, Workers and Canadian history (pp. 345-418). Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. In A. A. Editor & B. B. Editor (Eds.), Title of book (pages of chapter). Location: Publisher.

Cruikshank, D., & Kealey, G. S.. (1987). Strikes in Canada, 1891-1950: I. Analysis. Labour / Le Travail, 20, 85–145.

Labour Gazette Canada. Dept. of Labour.

Strikes And Lockouts In Canada And Other Countries, 1938

Unionization Statistics

Labour Organizations in Canada - unionization (Canada. Labour Program)

Unionization Rates Falling, 1981-2014 (Statistics Canada)

Union Coverage in Canada (2014) (pdf) (Statistics Canada)

Long Term Trends in Unionization (2013) (pdf) (Statistics Canada)

Unionization 2011 (pdf) (includes statistics on strikes and lockouts)(Statistics Canada)