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Research Guides

UC One: Engaging Toronto

A guide to researching Toronto and urban issues.


This research guide (designed for UC One students) will help you find books, articles, films, and more about Toronto and urban issues.

Please browse the tabs for resources on Toronto, urban studies, and "hot topics" related to UC One courses, as well as "Toronto imagined" (novels, plays, films, etc. which take place in Toronto).

-- Margaret Fulford, UC Librarian

About the University College Library

The UC Library is located on the second floor of University College (northeast corner). It offers a spacious study space and a group study room. It has about 30,000 books, many of them related to the UC-affiliated programs: Canadian Studies, Cognitive Science, Drama, Health Studies, Sexual Diversity Studies, and UC One. It also has a Writing, Academic Skills & Careers section, a Bestsellers section, and a Graphic Novels section.

About UofT Libraries

The UofT collection (with over 12 million books) is one of the best in North America. From the UofT Libraries home page you can search for material at any UofT library, as well as our large collection of e-books, e-journals, and databases.

There are dozens of libraries at UofT. You can borrow from (or study at) almost all the libraries, which include:

  • a large humanities & social sciences library (Robarts)
  • a large science library (Gerstein)
  • college libraries (at InnisNew, St. Mike's, Trinity, UC, and Victoria)
  • libraries for specific fields of study (Music, Architecture, Chemistry, etc.)
  • a rare book library (Thomas Fisher)
  • suburban-campus libraries (UTSC & UTM)

and more....