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Research Guides


Your guide to finding Psychology resources at the University of Toronto Libraries

Before you begin your research

  • Need help with planning? Use the Assignment Planner to create a suggested timeline for each step of your research assignment
  • Do some background reading using things like Google, Wikipedia, and books from the library catalogue so you understand your topic
  • Check out the list of key resources for your subject area

Steps to successful searching

Step 1: Brainstorm keywords that represent aspects of your topic. 

Step 2: Select appropriate databases for your research topic.

Step 3: Build your search using search terms and Boolean operators. 

Step 4: Review your results. 

Step 5: Evaluate the quality of your sources.

Step 6: Get the full-text of relevant articles.

Learn more about your topic

Before you start building your search, be sure to familiarize yourself with the topic. Use any of the following Reference Sources to learn more: