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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Health Statistics & Data

Sources of statistical health data as well as tips and help in finding and using the data.

Geospatial data for health research

Many health researchers wish to create maps or to analyze data for spatial patterns. Researchers often seek out geospatial data for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. One popular request is to find geospatial data detailing the boundaries of regions they wish to depict on their map (e.g. provinces/states, cities, health regions, neighbourhoods, or census boundaries). These files can then be joined to tabular statistics that are at the same geographic level. Another common request is for the locations of health facilities such as hospitals or clinics. Also keep in mind that if you have collected your own data containing addreses or latitude/longitude coordinates, these data can also be mapped in GIS software.

Canadian geospatial data

US & international geospatial data