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Search this guide to get started with research in population health or health policy.

What is a Database?

A library database is a searchable, electronic collection of scholarly resources. Databases provide access to a wealth of useful research materials from academic journals. They may also include other materials like newspapers, magazines, e-books, relevant Web resources, or multimedia. Some databases include content from a specific subject area, while others have content from across disciplines. 

Recommended Databases in Health & Society

When you're choosing a database, consider which health studies discipline is the most relevant to your topic or research question. Each database has a specific focus or specialization, so the success of your search will depend on matching your topic to a database that has lots of content on that subject or from that discipline.  

For example, if your topic is related to mental health, the most relevant health studies database will cover psychology. Alternately, if your topic is on the health of older adults, a gerontology database would be a good fit.

Medicine and Public Health

Health Policy

Psychology and Mental Health


Rehabilitation Science

Disability Studies


Health Database Tutorials