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Architecture, Landscape, and Design Research Guide

Portfolio Basics

Catalogue Portfolio

A traditional or "academic" portfolio assembles documentation including accreditations, industry certifications, drafts and sketches of proposed projects, photographs of constructed designs and designs for future proposals.

Digital Portfolio

A digital portfolio is a collection of works displayed in an online format. A digital portfolio may feature all aspects of a traditional portfolio but can utilize animation, sound, and interactivity.

Video Portfolio

A video portfolio is a documentary of an architect's work, usually of a single project from conception to completion. A video portfolio is usually a supplement to a catalogue or digital portfolio.

What to include:

Carefully plan the sequence of projects and storyboard the layout of your portfolio so that the narrative presented by your work is logical and engaging. Your portfolio can include:

  • A title page and design statement including your interests, abilities, and direction in design (optional);
  • A resume and cover letter (optional);
  • Art / architecture / design studio course work;
  • A selection of projects taken from previous or summer employment;
  • Computer-aided design, drawing, animation/video stills;
  • CAD/construction and technical documents;
  • Coursework, if work was award-winning or highly specialized;
  • Original drawing and sketches.

Other considerations

  • Show your ability to attractively package and present information. The content of your portfolio is important, but so is the form.
  • Highlight projects that show off your full range of skills; software, hand-drawing, digital fabrication, etc.
  • Use photos to illustrate the scope of each project and then add examples of work you did on that project. Get the best quality photos you can afford.


Online Portfolio Platforms