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Demystify Business Research with the Business Model Canvas

Selecting and using the best library resources to help you grow your startup


Are you working on a business idea? Used by startups around the would, the Business Model Canvas is an alternative to a long, wordy business plan. It's a great tool to summarize all the key elements of your product or service in a single page.

It’s also a useful way to make sense of exactly what information you will need to describe and visualize your business – and how to find it at the library.

What is the Business Model Canvas?

Just getting started on your canvas? Need a refresher before the workshop?

The Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder and is available for free on the Strategyzer website

Want to know how to apply the canvas for social enterprises?

Note: We will provide blank canvases for the workshop, but you're welcome to bring along your own!

This Harvard Business Review article will give you some context including two quick videos that define the canvas and give an example of how it's applied to an existing company.

Attend this workshop to:

  • Review the basics of the Business Model Canvas and how it applies to your product or service
  • Understand which free and proprietary library databases are the best fit for your canvas
  • Develop search strategies that will save you time and eliminate frustration, and
  • Get market, industry, or competitor information you can use for your startup or small business venture

You will get the most out of this workshop if you already have a canvas prepared for your company. If you have one, bring it along! However, this is not required.

Explaining the Business Model Canvas in plain language - MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 video series

This excerpt (19m 54s) focuses on defining the elements of the BMC. Watch the full video 

Learn more about MaRS' Entrepreneurship 101 series.