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BIOC35: Principles in Parasitology

This guide will help students in BIOC35 find articles, know the types of sources and how to evaluate them, and develop effective readings strategies of scientific articles.

Find Specific Titles

To search for an exact book or article, search with quotations around your title phrase. See an article title search demonstration

LibrarySearch interface highlighting the title entered with quotations

If searching with quotations around your title phrase is not successful, try using Advanced Search with the following settings:

  • Select "Title" from the first drop-down menu
  • Choose "is (exact)" from the next drop-down menu
  • Enter your title phrase without quotations
  • Select your preferred item format

Advanced search interface with arrows indicating first drop-down menu set to title, second drop-down menu set to the phrase "is exact", the title entered without quotations, and item format set to All items

Search for a Journal or Newspaper by Title

To search for a journal or newspaper by title: 

  • Select the Journals search tool from the navigation menu just below the LibrarySearch header
  • Type in the exact journal or newspaper title and click on the search icon
  • Click on the journal or newspaper title to open the detailed record

The following three images illustrate these steps.

Location of the Journals search button in the navigation menu

Journal Search interface with the title "International Journal of Civil Engineering" entered in the search box and a circle indicating the location of the magnifying glass search icon

Journal Search results page with journal title underlined

Search Inside a Journal or Newspaper

The Search Inside feature is available for any journal and newspaper the library subscribes to in a digital format. It is found in the journal record and allows you to search by title or by keyword.  

Item record highlighting Search Inside anchor and search inside section.

The result of this search will appear within the Advanced Search interface, providing additional search options.

Comprehensive Searching

For a more comprehensive article search, examine the Databases by Subject guide. For additional advice on which database to choose, review one of the discipline-specific Research Guides or book a consultation with a librarian.