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ANT200 Introduction to the Practice of Archaeology (Fall 2023)

ANT 200 Assignment -Designing an Archaeological Research Project

This LibGuide provides all the resources needed to complete the ANT200 (Fall 2023) Assignment.

Your project must be about people and material culture

To support your research, you must include for your topic:

  • 1 general resource (an Encyclopedia entry, textbook description, magazine article, podcasts, websites are all acceptable)
  • 4 academic sources (peer-reviewed articles, book chapters from edited academic books, review articles). 
    • 1 of the academic sources should address archaeological methods
    • 2 of the academic sources should address cultural history
    • 1 of the academic sources should address the theme

If you have questions, email me or stop by the reference desk at the library pictured below (you don't need an appointment)

UTM Library Reference and Research Desk