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WRR103: Writing Essays

Library Session

Assignment Requirements

WRR103 Research Essay

In this course you will develop an argumentative (persuasive) essay that asks you to select a topic and argue in favour of a certain position in relation to a particular issue. Following the guidelines from your course textbook and our in-class models, you will organize your ideas as arguments that support your position against opposing arguments.


Research Requirements for this Assignment 

For your Annotated Bibliography, locate a minimum of three journalistic or scholarly sources (newspapers, magazines, books, or essays) that help you substantiate your assertions and format those citation based on your instructor's preference (MLA or APA Style)

  • Use the left side menu to explore search strategies for newspapers, magazines, academic journals, books (or book chapters / essays)
  • Look for resources that identify where they get their information
    • Scholarly publications (research articles in academic journals, books, or book chapters/essays) 
      • Look for in-text citations and bibliographies for the ideas and data in the article.
      • Target peer-reviewed journal articles using the tools provided in this guide  
    • Newspapers and magazines 
      • Look for in-depth articles that highlight where they got their information within the article (e.g., interviews, reports or documents, events) and investigate those sources (e.g., look up the experts, organizations, and documents that are included in the article). 
  • Still unsure? Ask a librarian or your instructor. 

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