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SOC310 Youth Justice

Primary & Secondary Sources

For information on primary and secondary sources, check out the UTSC Library's Finding Primary Sources guide.  The following pages might be of interest:

Primary Source Search Strategy:

  1. Do background research by consulting secondary sources.   Search tertiary sources, such as encyclopedias, for articles on your topic.  Look at references lists to find the sources (primary & secondary) that the authors used.
  2. Brainstorm the kinds of sources you may need, such as newspaper and magazine articles, government documents, memoirs, etc.
  3. Identify the names of significant people, places, organizations, institutions, branches of government, movements, etc.  Keep a list of the keywords that you use in your search.
  4. Identify a date range to narrow your search.
  5. Use the resources listed on the Books, Newspaper & Magazine Articles, Indigenous Resources, Government Documents, and Other Primary Source Resources tabs to find primary sources.