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RLG208H5: Introduction to Zoroastrianism

For Purification Rituals

This page is for the following assignment:

Describe of one of the Zoroastrian purification rituals, or one of the Zoroastrian practices relating to purity.
Then, compare the Zoroastrian ritual or practice of your choice with a ritual or practice relating to purity of another religion.

Some resources under Reference Sources are helpful to complete this assignment while Oxford Bibliographies will give you more in-depth information.

Advanced Search

Oxford Bibliographies offers scholarly and authoritative research guides with annotated bibliographies.

1) Use Oxford Bibliographies' Advanced Search to find the entries that you are looking for. For example, I was using the keywords: purification OR purify OR "ritual cleansing" and chose Islamic Studies.

Oxford Bibliographies: Religions

2) Choose entries that would be relevant to your topic:

Oxford Bibliographies: Purity

Note: Don't forget to check the table of contents.

Oxford Bibliographies ⚭ LibrarySearch: Book

Oxford Bibliographies are connected to LibrarySearch.

1) Click [+] to find an actual copy in our library catalogue (LibrarySearch). For example,

Oxford BIbliographies

2) Click the Get it UTL icon.

Oxford Bibliographies: Get it UTL

3) You will see the entry in the LibrarySearch.

LibrarySearch Entry

Note: Although this book is not available in the UTM Library, once you click Sign In and log in with your UTORid and password, you can choose the pick up location, such as the UTM Library (This is called "intercampus delivery").

The University of Toronto has over 42 libraries, and you can borrow books from other UofT libraries using the intercampus delivery service.

Oxford Bibliographies ⚭ LibrarySearch: Article

Oxford Bibliographies tries to find the entry within the encyclopaedia, instead of the encyclopaedia itself. When the entry is catalogued in the library system, you can find it without a problem. 

1) Click [+] to find an actual copy in our library catalogue (LibrarySearch). For example,

Oxford Bibliographies: Entry within Encyclopaedia

2) The image below shows the entry, "Cleanliness and Ablution".

Oxford Bibliographies: Entry within Encyclopedia

Note: If you prefer the print copy, write down the call number BP133. E53 2001 and find Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān. Vol. 1. first and then "Cleanliness and Ablution".

Oxford Bibliographies ⚭ LibrarySearch: Trouble Shooting

Oxford Bibliographies tries to find an article or entry within a journal or conference proceeding, instead of the journal itself. When the article is catalogued in the library system, you can find it without a problem. However, the two systems do not always communicate well. Don't worry! You can solve the problem by following the steps:

1) Here is an example of when clicking [+] to find the actual article in our library catalogue (LibrarySearch) does not work:

Oxford Bibliographies: Entry search

2) The page tells you that "the library does not have this book?" and asks you to request it via interlibrary loan(*). Before you fill out the blank form to borrow a copy from another library in North America, check LibrarySearch first. Use the title of journal or conference proceeding.

Oxford Bibliographies: Entry search

3) You see now that the conference proceeding is available. Don't forget to check the volume number.

Oxford Bibliographies: Entry search

Note: The University of Toronto offers a robust interlibrary loan service, which allows you to borrow books from other libraries in/beyond North America for free. However, the University already has a large amount of collections. So, before you use the service, check our LibrarySearch.

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