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Gerstein Science Information Centre

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (MScQIPS)

This guide is intended to assist students in the MSc in IHPME (Quality Improvement and Patient Safety concentration) with their literature review and other research projects.

To search for guidelines in medical databases

Medline (OVID)

  • Once the search is complete, click on "More Limits";
  • Scroll down to "Publication Types";
  • Click on "Practice Guideline";
  • Click on "Limit A Search";
  • The limit applies to the last search, unless otherwise specified.


  • Click on "Limits" tab;
  • Under "Publication Types", click on "Practice Guideline";
  • This will limit every subsequent search to practice guidelines, therefore, remember to remove the limit if no longer searching for guidelines.


  • Use the heading "Practice Guidelines".

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Canadian Practice Guidelines

United States Practice Guidelines