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PSY290 Introduction to Physiological Psychology: The Narrative of Scholarship

Tips and tricks for finding journal articles - or primary sources - in the sciences.

Working with a Database

Databases let you be systematic!

Literature of science is organized in large searchable databases. For research in physiological psychology, Web of Science and PubMed are best:

  • Web of Science : A major multidisciplinary database, Web of Science consists of a collection of databases that can be searched simultaneously by topic, title, author, publication name, DOI, publication year, and address. The citation indexes can be searched for articles that cite a known author or work. 


  • PubMed : A major database of medical literature from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.


Using AND & OR (Boolean Operators)

To broaden a search, add synonyms grouped with the OR operator:

To make a search more specific by returning only articles where all the terms are mentioned at the same time, use the AND operator:

To ensure all forms of a word are included, use the truncation operator * :