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PSY210 Introduction to Developmental Psychology

This guide helps students find empirical articles for their assignments.

Recommended Databases

For searches for parenting and the four geographic areas featured in the film Babies, ProQuest PsycINFO gives results most closely targeted to human psychology; LibrarySearch Advanced Search relevance ranking is also acceptably well targeted:

How do you start? Consider starting with the Concept Map from class:

concept map for parenting search

It helps to have the Boolean operators handy:

boolean AND and OR

and to use the Truncation Operator * :

wildcard use in searches

Finally, many database environments such as ProQuest support PROXIMITY SEARCHING.

proximity searching example


Using your Recent Searches

When you are building more complex searches, it is useful to combine searches in your search history. In ProQuest, those searches can be found under Recent Searches.

Recent Searches can be accessed on the Advanced Search page and the most recent Search Results page:

recent searches

Once you have clicked on the Recent Searches link, you will find all the searches you have conducted during your session listed beside a search number. You can immediately use those numbers to work with the searches.

Combine search numbers using Boolean operators to make more complex searches without re-writing anything: 1 AND 2, (3 OR 4) AND 8, and so on:

working with recent searches