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MGHD28: Compensation

Fall 2022

Welcome MGHD28!

You are required to produce a group analysis while using academic research to support your ideas. You are to include:

  • Information on regional compensation models
  • Salary ranges and benefits for various professions
  • Identify effective compensation strategies
  • Identify how to attract and retain talent


See assignment details for more information.

Guide location:

Use this Guide For:

  • how to create a search strategy
  • how to search databases
  • how to access various library resources

Terms from the Library Research session

  • "compensation model"
  • "compensation management"
  • "compensation strategy"
  • "compensation plan"
  • "wage & salary administration"
  • pension*
  • benefit*


Combine appropriate words using AND with one or all of:


Small business concept:

  • "small and medium" AND (business* OR enterprise*) OR
  • SMB OR
  • "small business"

Geographic concept:

  • ontario OR
  • alberta OR
  • "british columbia" OR
  • canad*

Job role concept:

  • marketing OR
  • sales


Search example:
SU ( "compensation model" OR "compensation plan" OR "compensation management" OR "Wage & salary administration" OR pension* ) AND SU ( "small and medium" AND (business* OR enterprise*) OR SMB OR "small business" )