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Indigenous Book Club & Discover Indigenous Authors

This guide is a resource to support the University of Toronto Tri-Campus Indigenous Book Club. It brings together multi-media resources and works created by Indigenous authors and artists.

Activism Opportunites

Image stating "Native People are not for sale"

Image by Peg Hunter - Divest Wells Fargo - Native People Not For Sale - CC BY-NC 2.0

As part of the solidarity we hope to show through the Indigenous Book Club, this year we are arranging a letter writing campaign in support of Indigenous sovereignty movements, specifically #1492LandBackLane. If you would like to get involved, please feel free to make changes to the letter listed below and send it to your sitting Member of Parliament. A list of MPs can be found on the House of Commons website


To [Name of Member of Parliament]; 

I am writing today in support of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders and #1492LandBackLane, who are defending their treaty territories for the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation. The Haudenosaunee have responsibilities as stewards of these Lands to defend these spaces from environmental harm and extractive ways of life. In doing so, they are risking themselves to live up to their obligations to the Land. 

As my Member of Parliament, I ask that you support an immediate cessation of the police presence and surveillance of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders and an immediate addressing of the sovereign treaty rights of the Six Nations of the Grand River. As a government, I ask that you address the issues that the Land Defenders are asking and seeking to address, namely the stopping of all pipeline development on sovereign Indigenous Lands where consent is not granted and supports for encampment residing and homeless individuals. 

I am distressed that the Government of Canada and its provincial counterparts continue to use tactics of violence and intimidation against Indigenous Land Defenders everywhere and call on the Government to cease these police orders. I ask that as a Member of Parliament, that you support the end of injunctions, arrests and other physically and institutionally violent acts against Indigenous peoples. I ask that you support good faith negotiations with Indigenous peoples across Canada to be able to exercise their treaty and sovereign rights on these Lands that are now known as Canada. 


[Your Name] 

Find Members of Parliament - Members of Parliament - House of Commons of Canada

Educational Resources:

Further events this week from Student Life as part of Indigenous Education Week. (Register for events here)

Dr. Marguerite (Peggy) Hill Memorial Lecture on Indigenous Health
TODAY Wednesday, November 3, 2021
5:30pm - 7:00pm 
via Zoom

Join faculty, learners, alumni and community members at this annual lecture that raises awareness about Indigenous health and highlights the outstanding work underway.   
This year's keynote panel includes Nadia McLaren, Sara Roque and Andrew BalfourJoin faculty, learners, alumni and community members at this annual lecture that raises awareness about Indigenous health and highlights the outstanding work underway.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Indigenous Health, Temerty Faculty of Medicine via:


The Gift of Reclaiming Your Family Medicine: A Storytelling Workshop with Richard Van Camp
Friday, November 5, 6:30pm-7:30pm EDT
Virtual - Zoom

Description: Richard Van Camp, a writer of the Dene nation from Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, will share personal stories that have "saved his bacon" and inspire participants to reflect on and appreciate the medicine of laughter Indigenous communities share. Some personal stories recall his time as a bus driver. Other stories from his nation are shared with permission by Elders and Knowledge Keepers. The presentation will share:

  • Miracle stories and stories of hope from Elders stories from across Canada.
  • Reclaimed Moon and Star Knowledge from the South Slave Region of the NWT
  • Reclaimed Community Calendar document from the South Slave Region of the NWT