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HIS262H5: What is Canada?

How to Find Newspaper Articles in LibrarySearch

Several platforms offer access to historical newspapers. To identify which platforms would meet your needs, LibrarySearch's Newspaper page could be helpful.

Local Newspapers - Canada

Historical Newspapers by Province

Newspapers that focus on specific areas of studies:

Also check the Historical Canadian Newspapers Online guide, offered by Bowling Green State University Library, Ohio.

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Newspapers, News Reports & Other Periodicals Databases

Note: for the complete list of historical newspapers and other periodicals, please visit

Memoirs, Autobiographies, Personal Records (e.g., Letters and Diaries)

When you search books in the Library catalogue, entering <b>Canad* AND Biography</b> will allow you to retrieve biographic books.

Digital Archives — Access via the UTL

Government Documents

The following databases include government/official documents from Canada: