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CITB04: City Politics

This guide will help students in CITB04 with finding journal articles, newspaper articles, and credible policy documents for the briefing note assignment and final paper assignment.

Learning Outcomes

1. Develop Search Strategies

  • You will identify a list of keywords specific to your topic in order to retrieve relevant books and articles in a library database for your research assignment. 
  • You will learn to design and refine search needs and search strategies as necessary and based on search results.   

2. Evaluate your Sources

  • You will use research tools and indicators of authority to determine the credibility of sources, understanding the elements that migh temper this credibility
  • You will define different types of authority, such as subject expertise (e.g. scholarship), societal position (e.g., public office or title), or special experience (e.g., participating in a historic event).



Key e-Resources

Other Key Resources