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Anthropology Resources at the UTM Library

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods is designed with teaching in mind. It allows the creation of custom resource lists of articles, reference materials, video tutorials or methods visualizations for embedding in the Learning Management environment like Quercus.

The landing page of SAGE Research Methods lets you get started on exploring either via anthropology resources, or by resource type:

SAGE research methods home

SAGE Research Methods does have videos that can be clipped or streamed, but its best part are resources for faculty.

Once you get to the SAGE Research homepage, you can watch this 2 minute video:

SAGE research faculty video


Below is the Faculty Resource page with tips for making video clips, and embedding research methods texts, real data or cases:

SAGE faculty help page

You can customize SAGE searches by discipline, so selecting Anthropology (or another discipline) may help you with finding either the qualitative, statistical or ethnographic research methods you may want students to explore, or the set of videos that interests you. The example below focuses on Psychology because it may has case studies that may also be useful in Forensic Science:

SAGE psychology resources

Streaming Video Landing Page (Media Commons)

Here are a few highlights from the above list:

TVO's Public Archive

This extensive documentary archive is organized by topic, including ones such as Environment, Society, Current Affairs (including The Agenda) and Science. The Science Page is illustrated below:

TVO video archive home page

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Explore content by playlists, channels, or conventional subjects. The Channels view is shown below:

NFB Channels Page



Filmmakers' Library Online from Alexander Street

This is the most polished of our film offerings, complete with frame-by-frame transcripts, just as in SAGE Videos, and with the capability to produce customized film clips.

Here is the home page:

Filmmakers' Library home page











The Anthropology page film selection is shown below, complete with the transcript screen for the first few seconds of the film "Asexuality":

Filmmakers' Library - Asexuality clip

Criterion on Demand

This service delivers blockbuster commercial films, including well-known documentaries. Below is the information and login page alerting you to the fact that not all the films are available to UTL subscribers, some are not available remotely, and none are available on mobile devices. I strongly suggest to use this page to access the service as it will authenticate you:

Criterion on Demand home page



Below is a sample of Criterion's Documentary offerings:

Criterion documentaries