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Introduction to Videos

A library guide introducing various sources and best practices related to the creation of videos.

Introduction to Videos

Explore this guide to find resources and learn skills/strategies to create your own video. Use the navigation to explore this website.


Steps to Create a Video

Videos can be a highly effective way of connecting ideas and expressing concepts in an engaging way. There are four main steps to producing a video;  

  • Storyboarding 

  • Scripting 

  • Recording 

  • Editing 

Some important things to consider when preparing to create a video or film; 

  • What format will your video take? Consider the file format, your storage system, and whether it can store that format. 

  • Will you need to film scenes with a camera? Will you need audio or camera equipment to create your desired scenes? 

  • Or will you record a video through Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint? 

  • Will you include images, clips, or audio from external sources? Do you know where to get open access content for reuse? 

  • How long do you intend to work on the project, and how long should your video be? 

  • Who’s your target audience?