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Introduction to Videos

A library guide introducing various sources and best practices related to the creation of videos.

Research for Videos

As with more assignments, you will often have to do some research when you are writing your video script. Here are some additional resources that will help you find information on your topic. 



Introduction to Videos

Explore this guide to find resources and learn skills/strategies to create your own video. Use the navigation to explore this website.


Steps to Create a Video

Videos can be a highly effective way of connecting ideas and expressing concepts in an engaging way. There are four main steps to producing a video;  

  • Storyboarding 

  • Scripting 

  • Recording 

  • Editing 

Some important things to consider when preparing to create a video or film; 

  • What format will your video take? Consider the file format, your storage system, and whether it can store that format. 

  • Will you need to film scenes with a camera? Will you need audio or camera equipment to create your desired scenes? 

  • Or will you record a video through Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint? 

  • Will you include images, clips, or audio from external sources? Do you know where to get open access content for reuse? 

  • How long do you intend to work on the project, and how long should your video be? 

  • Who’s your target audience?