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CPAC: Watch the 2019 Canadian Leaders' debates and other related videos:

CPAC: Watch the 2015 Canadian Leaders' debates and other related videos


C-SPAN: Watch the U.S. Presidential debates and other related videos


In addition to the videos and transcripts found in the CPAC Video Archive and the C-SPAN Video Library, check out the resources below:


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  • Canadian Speeches - Full-text available from 1996 to 2003.  "A bimonthly journal publishing the full text of contemporary speeches on current issues of broad national interest in Canada."


  • Speeches - Archive hosted hosted by Library and Archives Canada.  Includes "at least two significant speeches for each prime minister, delivered during his or her tenure in office."  Last updated on January 29, 2002.
  • Speeches, Office of the Prime Minister - Collection of speeches and statements from the Prime Minister of Canada.

For more information on speeches from Canadian Prime Ministers, visit the Library and Archives Canada Blog.


      Subscription (requires UTORid and password)


  • Presidential Speeches- Hosted by the University of Virginia Miller Centre Scripps Library.  Includes transcripts.