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SOCD25: Advanced Seminar in Economy, Politics, and Society

Fall 2021 - The Sociology of Markets


SOCD25H3: Advanced Seminar in Economics, Politics, & Society - Human Rights and Counterterrorism
Winter 2024

This year's advanced seminar will focus on Human Rights and Counter Terrorism. This guide is meant to help you complete various components of your course work and to conduct research using relevant resources in sociology, including primary sources. Paulina Rousseau is currently your interim librarian for sociology, and you can contact her at 

Get Help

Your Liaison Librarian is always ready to help. Their contact information is available in the sidebar to the left side of the screen. You can submit requests for one-on-one research consultations by email with 24 hours notice.

For times when your librarian is unavailable, here are some other options for help with your research assignments: