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PSY309 Experimental Design and Theory: Resources

This guide supports the Experimental Design and Theory course offered to Psychology Specialists. It covers the basics of the research process and specialized psychology research databases.

APA Citation Style

APA Citation Resources at the UTM Library

If you have any questions, stop by the reference desk at the library.

What is a DOI?

DOIs, or digital object identifiers, should be included in every complete APA citation.  Learn more about DOIs from this document.

DOI Resolver (crossref)

This free app links a resource with its DOI.

The Philosophy of Citing

When you are researching and writing for your psychology courses, you are practicing how to participate in the conversation of scholarship.

The main rule of conversation is showing where facts and ideas you did not originate actually came from. This is called citing.  Watch the video below to review the concepts of paraphrasing, quoting and citing: