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POLB92: Comparative Politics: Revolution, Democracy and Authoritarianism

Read Your Assignment

Read your assignment carefully. Questions?   Ask!    Get started by selecting a topic and finding research requirements for this assignment (at least four scholarly sources relating directly to the regime outcome.)

Find Books

Type your search e.g. "weimar republic" or poland and democracy.   Use limiters (which will appear on the side of the screen beside your results), such as online, format, or subject, to focus your results.   

Library Website

E-Book Collections


  • For this assignment, you may find books to be more useful than articles.   
  • Books may provide you with a broader exploration (with more content) of the time period/geography that you're researching than articles which tend to be very specific focus.  

Use Required Course Readings

Review your course readings and select any required readings relevant to your topic.    Check the bibliographies of any relevant readings for more sources on your topic.  Search for these sources through the "LibrarySearch" on the UTSC Library website.  

  • Type the title of the source you'd like to find into the "LibrarySearch" box

type the title of the source into the librarysearch box


Find Articles

Type keywords with boolean operators (AND, OR etc) to search for articles on your topic.  Use limiters (such as "peer review", "publication date", or "subject") to focus your results.

Is Your Article Peer-Reviewed?

Complete the following tutorial: Introduction to Ulrich's

Some databases allow you to limit your search to peer-reviewed journals. For other databases, look up the title of the journal in Ulrich's Directory.

1. Go to Ulrich's:  Click to open Ulrich's.

2. Type the JOURNAL TITLE (not the article title) into the search box, and click the green search button.   Look for the JOURNAL TITLE in your search results.  (e.g. Journal of Infections Diseases)

3. In the search results, look for a referee jersey icon to indicate that a journal is refereed. Refereed means the same as peer reviewed.

look for referee jersey icon in search results

4. The Journal of Infectious Diseases IS peer reviewed.  

REMEMBER:   It's the JOURNAL that's peer reviewed/refereed, so you are looking for the JOURNAL TITLE in your search results, NOT the article title.

Library Presentation (Tuesday Feb 23rd)