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MGAD40: Management Control Systems

Fall 2022

Welcome MGAD40!

Your assignment requires you to do deep research as a consultant to an industry/community partner. Through market and academic research, you are providing expert advice on:

  • The company's engagement with an indigenous community, Alexander First Nation
  • Management control systems for the company's initiatives, including controls for capital distribution within the community
  • Increasing financial literacy in the community
  • Government funding

In your answer, consider the following types of management controls, such as:

  • action control
  • results control
  • personnel control
  • cultural control
  • task control
  • inventory control

The resources in this guide are supplementary to the those shared by your professor in class, which provide additional detail and background knowledge. Please refer to the full assignment description for project deliverables.

Guide location:

Use this research guide for:

  • How to find good quality information from which you can make valid recommendations
  • Locating articles to validate your claims