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Library 101 Citation Management Tools

Background Information

Legacy RefWorks Logo

  • Two varieties are available: RefWorks Legacy and the new ProQuest RefWorks (Flow)
  • Free while you're at U of T
  • Aligns with UofT library catalogue and databases
  • Helps you create bibliographies quickly
  • Write-N-Cite plugin for Word is available if you want to embed in-text citations

How do I get started?

In addition to the Legacy RefWorks, University of Toronto users have access to the new cloud-based RefWorks product. The two are set to merge at some point.

At the easy start RefWorks log-in, sign up for your new account with your e-mail for your RefWorks account:

RefWorks Login page

Getting Help

Comprehensive help with the Legacy RefWorks version is available at the ProQuest RefWorks guide.

Write-N-Cite / ProQuest for Word

Write-N-Cite, now called ProQuest for Word, is a free tool which allows you to cite references in a manuscript with the click of a button.  To use Write-N-Cite / ProQuest for Word with RefWorks you must download a small utility program to your computer.  Select the version which matches your computer systems.

Formatting In-Text Citations using the Utility

  • In a Word document, click the point where you want to insert a reference.
  • Switch to Write-N-Cite and click the Cite link next to the correct reference.
  • Write-N-Cite automatically inserts the opening and closing curly brackets as well
  • as the Ref ID, Author Last Name and Year.  This is called a Citation Placeholder. It is not what your final citation will look like.
  • If you want to modify or remove information that will appear in the formatted citation, click on the Edit Citation link in the upper right-hand corner of the Write-N-Cite window.  
  • To cite a second reference in the same location, click the Cite link for the second reference. The reference information is automatically inserted in the same set of curly brackets.