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Labour Law

Core Texts


Collective Bargaining


  • Sack Goldblatt Mitchell. Words and Phrases: A Dictionary of Collective Agreement Language. Toronto: Lancaster House, 1993.


Education Sector

  • ​Shilton, Elizabeth J. & Schucher, Karen. Education Labour and Employment Law in Ontario, 2nd ed. Aurora, Ont.: Canada Law Book, 2001–2005.

Industrial and Labour Relations Boards

Judicial Review


Public Service Sector

  • Hawden, Timothy, et al. Ontario Public Service Employment and Labour Law. Toronto: Irwin Law, 2005.

Sexual Harassment

  • Aggarwal, Arjun P. & Gupta, Madhu M. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, 3rd ed. Toronto: Butterworths, 2000.

Other Useful Texts


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